Australia – Our new home

Nearly a week has passed and we in the first part of the team have, after some sunburn, started to get used to the Australian climate. This week has been quite hectic and our focus has been on preparing as much as possible, logistic wise, until the rest of the team arrives. When the rest of the team comes it’s time for them to bust their asses of, we want to jet lag please!

New home
Photo: Johan Bergelin

During the week we have, among other things, been checking out our two hostels and getting to know Darwin. Our landlords Percy and Joanne are some of the kindest people. When we told them about the race they immediately offered us a garage-spot where we can put Viking. I think they are our biggest fans now.

And the car!! Viking has arrived in excellent condition after the long journey by boat and we have already started making some final testing and calibrations, to make sure that the car is fit for fight on the 13th of October.

On Tuesday morning, Swedish time, the next part of the team, consisting 14 people, start their trip against Australia. You then can follow the team daily on our social media, Instagram and Facebook.

Stay tuned for more updates, with Australian vibes.